Why Choose Center For Movement Arts?

  • All classes are taught in an encouraging, supportive atmosphere.

  • Very competitive rates -- among the lowest in Portland.

  • A sense of humor and fun is always emphasized.

  • Center For Movement Arts provides comfortable seating for parents during class.

  • Center For Movement Arts provides a play area for dancers’ siblings during class.

  • Techniques are taught emphasizing the positive -- what a dancer is doing right and how it can be even better.

  • All CMA instructors have university degrees, post-graduate degrees, and/or professional experience.

  • Observation windows in both studios allow parents to watch their children any time (excluding summer camps -- dancers only).

  • We have a strong expectation of academic success in addition to dance study. We place a premium on higher education for older children.

  • All CMA instructors are extremely experienced teaching dance to children. There are no student teachers here. There is not a constant parade of substitute teachers.

Why Dance?

  • Dance provides a sense of personal accomplishment.

  • Dance teaches children to work in an ensemble (team).

  • Dance promotes critical thinking.

  • Dance teaches self-discipline.

  • Dance builds a stronger spine.

  • Dance teaches art appreciation.

  • Dance training promotes a better posture.

  • Dance teaches a work ethic to last a lifetime.

  • Dance teaches self-knowledge and awareness.

  • Dance teaches musical knowledge and appreciation.

  • Dance teaches the power and joy of physical strength.

  • Dance teaches a child to work on himself for himself.

  • Dance promotes physical endurance and coordination.

  • Dance teaches physical fluidity and flexibility of musculature.

  • Dance teaches joy in achieving personal goals as new skills are acquired.

  • Dance connects the physical with the intellectual; it blends the emotional life with the spiritual life.

  • Dance is fun!!!

"Dance, fall down, get up, dance, fall down, get up."

~ anonymous